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Greg presenting at IAFC1998. 24 years later Greg is still flying the flag for Australia at IAFC2022, presenting with his Dutch born wife 'Evelyn' where they met at IAFC in 2001 at the IAFC (International Aquatic Fitness Conference) which is the World's largest and most respected Aquatic Exercise and Research Convention. 

Greg was fortunate to be invited by the CEO of AEA in 2011'Angie Proctor', due to his knowledge of Aquatics and Leadership studies along with his past extensive history as a Theatre Director / Producer and Concept Creator ( ) to create the 25th Silver Anniversary IAFC2012 'Puttin on the Ritz' Gala Extravaganza Aqua Cabaret combining 50 of the World's best Aquatic Presenters from across the Globe.

It was a Spectacular that highlighted not just Aquatics, but the Music of the Era in the respective countries, their History, Magic, Traditional Costumes and Diversity of the Worlds Cultures under one Umbrella as to speak with the common thread of Aquatics in the many forms of Aquatic Exercise Science and Therapies. All this was created over 6 months via Cyber communications across the Globe and only with one Rehearsal produced a remarkable unforgettable night for all involved and present.

Gala Cabaret presentation Aqua Thematic style combo 'Puttin on the Ritz' with some of the Best Aqua Presenters and Researchers from around the World, including countries such as Portugal, Mexico, Italy, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Australia, England, El Salvador, Argentina, Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Brazil, Spain and many others. Written, Directed and Emcee Greg Keyes and Produced by Angie Proctor - Executive Director of AEA for the 25th Silver Anniversary of the International Aquatic Fitness Convention, IAFC at Tampa, Florida 2012.

Why us?

Training, Consulting, Leadership Development,  Course Creators, Program Marketing, Research and Development, Assessment of Management /Instructors, National and International Presentations and Keynote Presentations.

GAINGLOW offers a comprehensive consulting service to assist Organizations, Centres and Individuals to develop to their potential.

Greg and Evelyn Keyes have a vast amount of knowledge ready to be shared gleaned from Global travels and presentations at Centres across the World.

Both have been presenting at Conventions globally since the 1990's, and Greg gained his first AEA Global award inat IAFC2002. as well as the EAFC2002 'Aqua Emma' Award in Europe.  In 2021 Evelyn and Greg were awarded the AEA IAFC Global Lifetime achievement Award for contribution to  Aquatics in Courses, Leadership and Advocacy.  

Obviously, as demonstrated in these accolades, they have and maintan a comprehensive up-to-date knowledge of developments and Research, enabling leading advice in domains from Centre Aesthetics’ to entice clients to experience Adventurism as well as General Health and Wellness improvement to the latest in methods, equipment and programs.

Assessment of all staff and advice re Leadership improvement can be shared, to reveal and tap into the potential of ALL staff, and entice motivation to the max.

Ability to create any requested Courses or Brief of Development, and presentation of such. (Concept creativeness is a major strength of GAINGLOW and any request will be excitedly viewed for possible creation and realization).

GAINGLOW is fortunate to work with some of the very best Master Trainers and Mentors in the World of Aquatic Exercise, Aquatic Therapies and Exercise / Research and not aligned with any specific Organisation, but prides itself in working collaboration with any and all if and when they open their arms to such sharing.

Presentations to all varieties of Groups, from Keynote to small Group invitations on a vast array of Topics is a specialty of the CEO and General Manager of GAINGLOW: Greg Keyes and Evelyn Keyes respectively.

Pictured is Evelyn with Greg the day after receiving his first Global Award in Las Vegas, at IAFC2002.  This was the first time an Australian had received a Global Award from AEA (Aquatic Exercise Association).

At the IAFC2002, Greg also presented at the Gala Awards night the Keynote Presentation for IAFC2002: 'The Water Bearer within you All'

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