Aquatic Photos from around the World Aquatic Photos from around the World The Joy of Aquatics Greg & Evelyn Keyes presenting at IAFC2014, Tampa, Florida, USA 205262251 Evelynpresenting at The Netherlands Evelyn in full swing at a Aquatic Convention in The Netherlands. 205262252 The many Characters of Greg Keyes Aquatainment Presentations in Italy, Germany, Spain, Israel, USA, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Estonia, etc, etc. 205262254 Greg in Action at IAFC2013 Finale of IAFC2013. 205262255 Curious Case of Greg Keyes Aquatica Greg & Evelyn Keyes, presenting at IAFC2014, Tampa, Florida, using the metaphor of Curious Case of Benjamin Button Film, but taking Instructors on a journey, The journey of Music Styles beginning with Classical going through the Centuries and then decades of the 1950-2010 and finishing with Brahms Lullaby. At the same time covering Special Population Groups from Wheel-Chair Bounds, going through to various categories, Elite, Obese, Hip-Hop Teenagers, Children to Babies. 205262256 Aqua Cabaret Extravaganza - 25th Anniversary IAFC IAFC2012 = 'Puttin on the Ritz' Silver Anniversary Aquatic Cabaret: Created / Directed / Emcee - Greg Keyes (Australia) with 50 of the most talented Master Trainer Aquatic Professionals from across the Globe (20 Countries), at Orlando, Florida, USA. 205262257