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Aqua-I-CUe : The Quintessential Aquatic Exercise Sports Science Reference Manual

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654 page, 600+ Photos, 140+ Web Links containing 4 Books of 4 maor Domains within-in one covering: *Leadership and Business Dynamics *Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Exercise Science with a focus on Aquatics *Interpersonal Communication Skills including NLP, Verbal Judo, Influence Methodlogies, Performance Dynamics and Methologies, etc. *Musicology, Legals, OH & S, Research & Development Methodologies, etc.

Available also on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple for eBooks or direct from GAINGLOW as a State of the Art: PDF USB Wafer Business Card 2 or 4 Gb. 

Due to small size postage is quick and cheap Globally and high quality print enabling any of selected texts and Appendixes to be printed off...

Enjoy .... Greg Keyes (Australia)

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