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A fabulous journey studying the Human Body and it's 11 Systems in a simplistic way, likening it to a Motor-Vehicle.

This 11 Module Course, enables ANYONE no matter even if they have never even done a First Aid course in the past, to begin their journey to understand the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body, it's make-up and how the different Systems of the Body work, and operate together.

There are many tantalizing titbits of each System of the Body that will not only make you smile, but also amaze you along the way with just how the body works.

It is an ideal source of material for any Student of Anatomy, Exercise Science or Fitness / Wellness Instructor, and holds many hundreds of titbits of information to share with their clients and further their own careers.

Available from: greatest_vehicle_00.htm

The Greatest Vehicle Ever Created- YoU!

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